Weltkonferenz für Transaktionsanalyse 2017

Titel: Grenzen – Orte … der Begegnung … der Entwicklung … der Definition von Identität
Datum: 27. – 29. Juli 2017
Ort: Berlin, Technische Universität TU

Workshop am 27.07.2017
von Natalia Berrio Andrade und Günther Mohr

VUCA – Effects on Leadership and Organizations

The circumstances have changed for the most of us. We stand on the border to a digital transformation. Hardly anyone can afford to pretend that the future can be derived from past data. The world has become „VUCA“: volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. The VUCA-World impacts a wide range of organizational types and leadership echelons. What does this mean for future leaders? What limits do leaders face and how must new identities be defined? How can TA help us to address these issues?
In this workshop we aim to use the concept of System Dynamics to discover appropriate answers to these challenges. Furthermore, we will discuss how we can remain capable of effective action in the face of VUCA situations while we create new opportunities for encounters and development.
We will present the concept / theory in a presentation. Furthermore we will do group work and reflections.

Zielgruppe: Alle
Dauer: 210 Min.
Sprache: englisch
Anwendungsbereich: Organisation